Baron Beach

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               Baron beach is one of the famous beach in Yogyakarta after Parangtritris beach. Maybe, some people never heard or seen Baron beach before and neither have I. It seemed strange for me because that I just knew the beach in Yogyakarta was Parangtritis Beach.

                It’s the first time I visited Baron beach on holiday 2 years ago. I and my family visited to grandma’s house at Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta. In there, we went to the Baron beach, a distance from my grandma’s house about 20 km. Because at that time was on holiday, so there were many visitors came to the beach. The Baron beach was very different from another beach that I have ever visited in Jakarta. I compared it with the beach that only in Jakarta, just because  I have never visited to another beach at some islands in Indonesia except Ancol beach and Pangandaran beach.

                At that time, I was suprised to see a beautiful sea and view. The water of beach was still clean and the color was blue. When I trod my feet without sandals. I felt the sand was smooth and the color was white. Side of east and west, there were like a high side. We can climb up the high side in the east side.  A view from above the high side was great and beautiful. We could see how a large beach is, as if it was not an edge.  It’s a wonderful place that I have ever visited. I hope that I can visit it in another time.


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