5 months ago, I and my family went to Puncak in Bogor. A place where I exactly went to picnic, actually I couldn’t remember it. This holiday was held by my father’s work place. At that time, we went to there by a car snd we didn’t come to group of touring the others. Because we didn’t come the others, in the middle of journey we lost and finally we asked to resident. On arriving at villa where we spent the night, I was amazed to see a view in there. The villa was so great and comfortable, it was surrounded by amazing view.

ImageAt the villa, we got a wide bedroom. Exactly in the right next of window, it was seen a beautiful mountain. Except the beautiful mountain , an air was so cool and peaceful. It made me calm. I didn’t waste my time to take a picture.



Because it was family holiday from company, there were so many activities was held, such as marble competition for children.  Unfortunatelly, I didn’t participate the activities. I just participated the glorious atmosphere and I didn’t forget to take some picture again to save them.


Before I go there,  I know the air certainly was so cold, so I have prepared socks and blanket to brought them. But I just still felt cold. That is my great experience that I was felt to picnic at puncak.



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