Softskill (Type 2)

1. What parts of our material culture reflect cultural diffusion?

  • There are many word in Indonesian language is a result of loan word from foreign language, such as : simbol = symbol, teknologi = technology, perspektif = perspective, etc.
  • “koko” clothes is usually used by moslem people in Indonesia, actually it is not originated in Indonesia but it comes from Tiongkok that is brought to Indonesia through Tiongkok trader.


2.  Please give 3 examples of ethnocentrism!

  • The Jew in Israel believes that Land of Palestina is Land that is promised by God to the Jew. So Israel want to drive away Palestina People from their Land by war.
  •  In Arabic, the women have a big and tall body is considered more beautiful than the women have a skinny body. 
  • In America,  some couple live together without marriage is normal thing, but in Indonesia, it can not be accepted by Indonesian people.


Essay : Give your own comment about global diffusion in Indonesia

Cultural diffusion occurs in different ways. As we know, there are many young man and girls formed a boy/girls band to become a star. This actually occurred when Boy/girl band is genre K Pop or Korean pop spread in Indonesia and become popular in young Indonesian people. I think i’ts a good enough, but they should be more creative with their own way.


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