Task Softskill (Type 1)

  1. What are the similarities or the differences between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism?
  • Similarity : The way of looking each individual /group in assessing their own culture through the point of view of another culture.
  • Difference : ethnocentrism give rise to other ethnic groups which refers to a belief in the group is better than the out group. Cultural relativism refers to each individual/ group is judged to have a position as important and as valuable.


  1. Please give 3 examples of cultural shock
  • Most people in Indonesia breakfast wih rice, but in America, American breakfast just only eat slice of bread and a glass of milk.
  •  If Indonesian people visit to abroad as America.  There are some couple in there is accustomed to do their intimacy in the public like a hug, even a kiss.  If Indonesian know the things. They will feel uncomfortable.
  • The Koreans eat rice with almost every meal and usually eat their rice with the spoon. During the meal, Korean never raise the rice bowl off of the table towards their mouths. (as people might do in other Asian countries)


Essay : Please give your own comment about cultural lag in Indonesia!

In my opinion about cultural lag in Indonesia, for example the government of Indonesia  have been operating the Trans Jakarta buses to provide Jakarta citizens to help reduce rush hour traffic and make passenger feel comfortable to ride the public transportation, actually sometimes it’s not effective.  Although the transjakarta has route itself, passenger still wait it for hours and sometimes passenger has to be crowded one another inside the bus. 


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